Vanessa Da Gema Artist & Art Sniper
Vanessa Da Gema                                                      Artist & Art Sniper

Visual Arts

Da Gema offers you a range of visual arts that you are looking for for your home, business or event.

Beyond her own paintings and photographs you can discover here other talented artists.



Performing Arts

Da Gema is pleased to share her experience as a director, playwright and actress in French contemporary theatre.

She has been working with two theatre companies:

Experience Art and Culture in New York and Paris

V.D.G is pleased to introduce you to her visual & performing art world in Paris - New York. Let her be your partner when discovering art and culture firsthand. You'll experience exquisite pieces of art at every turn and learn interesting information and analyses on exhibitions, fairs or theatre plays through her Art Blog and on Instragram @vandagem_art.


She looks forward to hearing from you soon!

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