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Vanessa Da Gema                                                      Artist & Art Sniper

Art Studio

Studio B.D.G.

What is Studio B.D.G. ?


A speakeasy for art: a Creative Lab' to experience visual and performing art in a private and secret art space.


Why was it created ?


Da Gema recently transformed a loft in East Harlem into this Creative Lab' to support and promote her artist-friends in this very competitive city for artists. 


Where ?


Studio B.D.G. is located in East Harlem. The exact location is secret...until you write an e-mail to if you want to participate in a show or just visit da Gema's art studio.


What is going on there?


Painting shows, photo exhibitions, theatre premieres, small concerts: everything can happen here! Join the Studio B.D.G Facebook group or Instagram to see what's happening right now or coming up @studio_bdg !



Suzanne Riccobono, Photography, Solo Show, December 2015 - March 2016
Inside - Outside, Twin Photography show with Martin Loper and Suzanne Riccobono, March - May 2016


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