Vanessa Da Gema Artist & Art Sniper
Vanessa Da Gema                                                      Artist & Art Sniper

Performing Arts


Da Gema assisted several theatre classes at school and university before she received a complete training in theatre and singing at the Centre des Arts de la Scène of Paris, directed by the French writer and director Jacques Mornas.

Da Gema started with a trilingual musical called "Oh what a lovely war" by Richard Attenborough, before switching to theatre at the age of sixteen with « Bullits over Broadway » (translated into German) by Woody Allen.


As an adult, Da Gema played several first or major roles in "Le Defunt" by de Obaldia, "Iphigénie" by Racine, "L'Atelier" by Grumberg, "J'y suis j'y reste!" by Vincy and Valmy, "L'Île des Nouveaux Esclaves" by da Gema.


She also acted in differant plays of Tchekhov, Devos and Pasolini.


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