Vanessa Da Gema Artist & Art Sniper
Vanessa Da Gema                                                      Artist & Art Sniper

Performing Arts


Da Gema's directing style is modern, artistic and sometimes provocative. She likes to question the audience by raising disturbing issues in alternative ways and by revealing new point of views by the use of strong lights, images and videos. For da Gema, directing is not about expressing what a text wants to say, but what a text can say. One of her masters is German director Christoph Schlingensief.

Da Gema directed several plays, among which 3 plays she wrote herself:


  • "Les précieuses ridicules" by Molière: June 2015, 4th Street Theatre. Directed by Roxane Revon, co-directed by Vanessa da Gema. Da Gema's role was to help the actors translate Molière's language into a contemporary oral and body language and way of acting which the public could identify with.


  • "Don Juan and his women": June 2014, Premiere at an artists' residency in Brooklyn and representations at 4th Street Theatre in New York City.



She has also directed different sketches and teasers related to this play.


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