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L'Île des Nouveaux Esclaves

Written by Vanessa da Gema in 2011 for the Theatre Company Prêchi-Prêcha., this political satire is inspired by the idea of inversion of social roles imagined by Marivaux in "L'Île des Esclaves".


Directed by Vanessa da Gema in 2012/2013, and by Alix Marital in 2013/2014.


Performed by the Company Prêchi-Prêcha for three years in several cities in France: 5 showrooms at the Théâtre de la Reine Blanche in 2012 and 18 public representations at the Funambule Montmartre in May 2013, 20 representations outside of Paris.


Produced by Alix Martial.


Casting: Paulo Wutrich, Claire Amaudric, Franck Pattein, Mansour Aouni, Margaux BD, Clara Ducharne, Julia Kriessl, Alix Martial, Sacha Conkic, Hélène Ribault, Gabriel Jordani, Isabel Lindström, Eric Chassery, Marine David, Leo Rubin.

Story: An unusual foreign President is surprisingly elected in France and decides to change the law so as to force the upper class to replace more modest people at work. The new work experiences of a marketing director, banker and engineer are observed by a mysterious homeless women who can't wait to take the power...

Histoire de la pièce et synopsis en français ici.


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