Vanessa Da Gema Artist & Art Sniper
Vanessa Da Gema                                                      Artist & Art Sniper


Alix Martial

Born in 1982 in France.


Working in the pharmaceutical industry, she has been drawing and painting since she was a child, sharing this passion with a few members of her family. Warmth and Homeliness are indeed omnipresent in her work.

Her first important exhibition took place in 2012 at the prestigious Hôtel Grand Monarque in Chartres. Her 24 exhibited art pieces are composed of some stunning abstract squares as well as intimist portraits and landscapes influenced by fauvism. Her straight and precise drawing produces a certain serenity. One of her latest paintings, "Le discours", her first social representation, particularly surprises us with its complexity and colour-versatility.

Gallery 1 - Portraits & society

Gallery 2 - Landscapes & horses

Gallery 3 - Squares


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