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"Autoportrait au coton-tige", juillet 2013, 50x60cm

Ségolène Girard was born in Tours, France. She has been drawing for 21 years, minus 3. Autodidact, fascinated by the Flemish school, it was only two years ago that she finally threw herself into the complexity of oil painting. Even though she is still trying to tame the medium, a first painting encouraged her into trying a second one. Her future subjects are already all in her mind, but not sheltered from change as she proceeds. Indeed, they are for now much inspired from the masters, at the service of her deepest thoughts. The process is long, as she takes her time in these self-therapeutics-portraits, that she wishes to be as well a direct reflection of anyone looking at it.

"Envol I et II", 2013, Oak and metal, about 100cm height

Claude Engelhard was born in Paris in 1953 in a Swiss protestant and orthodox family. His encounter with stone sculpturing happened during the restauration of a French village in Provence. He never quit his passion since, but replaced the stone with wood as soon as he moved to the Berry countryside and started working for the National Office of Forests. After a period of expressive representative sculptures in cedar of various body parts, he recently evoluted towards a more abstract art. Birds and wings are sculptured in oak taken from old wine barrels. This artistic combination of earth and air seems to reflect the artist's own free spirit and personnality, which easily swings from higher administrative spheres to his love for gardening and nature.


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"Through the mirror of time"

Viviane Hedberg Perron was born in Provence and her family has roots in France as well as in Italy.
She studied at the Art School of Lorient and works with different techniques such as oil, pastel, watercolours, drawing charcoal and sculpture. Viviane has been commuting between Bretagne and Chamonix and Sweden and exhibited her art in various galleries and art fairs in France, Hungary and Sweden. Today, she shares a studio with others artists on Södermalm in Stockholm …..and soon in Provence.

Viviane has executed several promising portraits, but her landscapes bring out a particular melancholy and sense of reality that we sometimes miss in contemporary art.

"Lonely guy in Paris", 2014

Cédric R. Destailleur is a French artist in light-painting, a photographic technique in which light exposures are created through the movement of the camera.


Harry Callahan, Ray K. Metzker, Aaron Siskind, Adam Fuss, Man Ray, great masters of photography, had a major influence in Destailleur's artistic development, including in abstract photography.


Far away from intellectual considerations or any doctrine, Destailleur simply photographs, as adviced by Harry Callahan, his daily life and the perception he has of it. His photographs deliver a great sensitivity and energy that probably reflect his so charming own personnality.

"Le discours", 2013

Alix Martial was born in 1982 in France. Working in the pharmaceutical industry, she has been drawing and painting since she was a child sharing this passion with a few members of her family.


Her first important exhibition took place in 2012 at the prestigious Hôtel Grand Monarque in Chartres. Her 24 exhibited art pieces are composed of some stunning abstract squares as well as intimist portraits and landscapes influenced by fauvism. Her straight and precise drawing produces a certain serenity. One of her latest paintings, "Le discours", her first social representation, particularly surprises us with its complexity and colour-versatility.


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