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Suzanne Riccobono

"Mirror, Mirror", Silverprint.

Born in 1985 in New Jersey, USA.


Delicate, Elegant, Intimate : Three words to describe Suzanne Riccobono’s  work… and herself.

SR would never talk about herself or her work before you had asked her. Discretion is her guide, silence her ally.

Hence this immense sense of serenity in her photographs. Suzanne is one of those few artists able to capture New York’s rare stillness, by giving simple attention to its inner life.

After having studied photography at the State University of New York, she is pursuing her art in one of New York’s stillest places, Palisades.  

All benefits from Suzanne Riccobono's art work are dedicated to the Free Arts New York, a school allowing children to have art lessons for free, and where Suzanne used to teach.

Gallery 1 - Coffee cups

Gallery 2 - Home

Gallery 3 - Silverprints

Gallery 4 - Drawings

More pictures of drawings coming soon.


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